Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monticello! H Fam Sight Seeing Part 14

The second day of our weekend family trip we went to Thomas Jefferson's home of Monticello.

It was about a 45 min drive from where we stayed overnight. When you get off interstate 81 and onto interstate 64 there are two awesome scenic overlooks. Stop at them and take in the view! Mountains in the morning!

Monticello was fabulous. Lots of amazing views and interesting things to read/see! I must note that this Visitor's Center had the best cafe of any touristy place that we've been. Very yummy, healthy, and not any more expensive than any other place but was a generous portion as well. Underneath was a Discovery Center for kids... we didn't see it until the end. So the big boys got to check it out for 10-15 minutes while Greg took Luke to the car, changed his diaper, and loaded up the car. Really neat things for the kids in there!

This pout is because we asked him to smile for a picture!

Cheered up on the shuttle ride up the mountain (we took the trail back down though)

The boys checking out the gardens... that's a huge red cabbage!

Heading in for the tour, no pictures allowed inside

Monticello was a great "kick-off" to H Fam Summer Mom Camp "America Week"!

Jake really liked it and seemed to pick up the most from it. His favorites were the library and the book stand that Jefferson invented to read 5 books at once! He has been wearing his jeans tucked into his cowboy boots and his robe as his long jacket like Jefferson ;) He turned his room into a library with books leaning on his window sill.


Lena said...

What an awesome trip! I get a pout all the time for pictures too! And then Grandma complains that they look sad on the pictures...:)

Jeri Slater said...

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!