Monday, July 15, 2013

Transportation Week!

For our third week of H Family Summer Camp... they woke up to a road in the middle of the dining room table with vehicles and paper airplanes flew overhead!

It was Transportation Week!

The road was my black tablecloth folded into thirds and yellow construction paper dashes taped to it. Paper airplanes hanging with looped sewing thread taped to the planes.

After breakfast we started out by going through the books we have to find TONS of ones with some sort of transportation theme. It brought new life to books they've had a long time!

On the way home from the gym that day we drove the same way as always... but this time we talked all about the signs and rules of the road. They were so interested! Made it stand out even more since we drive that way ALL the time!

Then went outside for some bike safety. First we checked our helmet safety, I must admit both boys' helmets were a little too loose. Check this out for your kiddo too:

Bike Helmet Fit Test #bike #helmet #safety #safekids #bikesafety #kids

I then made them "pass a test" to get their license. Questions like... what shoes to we always wear when riding a bike? Sneakers. What do we always wear on our heads? Helmets. Things like that and went over the parts of a bike. Then they were good to go! Made some drivers licenses and license plates for their bikes.

Evan's Drivers License and then Passport we used later in the week!

I had a babysitter that day for an eye appt so I left her with a snack to make with them... stoplights! Using graham crackers, nutella, and fruit loops! She took a couple pics for me!

Eating a stoplight!

They made other designs as well. I rarely buy Fruit Loops, didn't even think to check. Got some "special" box with the red ones being squares with some sort of chewy center. I tried one, GAG... so FYI ;)

Then we had a couple of sickies for a couple days. Caused us to not get to do as much. I wanted to take them to watch planes, but not feeling so poorly. So we turned our living room into a plane, grabbed the globe and off our imaginations went. Beforehand I made them passports and tickets. I tried to replicate a plane ride... even wore a police hat and a black button up shirt with a pair of wings pinned on that they had gotten from a flying a couple years ago. It was fun we had a good time... when to lots of places and I "stamped" (signed) their passport at each place... from Angola to Kazakhstan to Fiji Island, to Canada, and many more! I had them close their eyes while I spun the globe and we flew to where their finger stopped. I'd look up the place a tell them a few things about it when we "landed". We even had an on board snack of pretzels ;)

Ready for Take Off!

Fortunately a couple days later we were able to go watch planes take off! Very neat. Very loud, but they got used to it and enjoyed it. Lots of space to run around too, so that was a bonus. Anyone ever in the area and would like to know a good spot, I totally recommend Gravelly Point Park right after Reagan Airport on George Washington Parkway (do note that it can only be accessed going northbound).

Breakfast that morning...
Kashi Waffle, Banana on top with Graham crackers shoved in as wings,
I sprinkled a little blue sugar as the sky and a few small dollops of whip cream for clouds.

Took a bag of our own toys planes to play with while there, that was a big hit!

Before we left they sat in the back and made/colored their own airplanes (clothespin with construction paper wings)

A lot of what we did involved our own stash of vehicles. We'd sort by type, by color, by where they work/go (Jake drew the settings during his quiet time), etc... Also a couple times I just did a google search for various worksheets like connect the dots and itsy bitsy "zoom" book.  Basically made old toys "new" for example, bringing the rug that's normally into the playroom into the family room... they were drawn to it immediately while they've ignored it downstairs for months!

They even helped Greg put on new windshield wipers for both vehicles and fill up the window wiper fluid too! So easy to take things you might normally do, call as part of your "week" and BAM it's instantly interesting!

It was a good week! Stay tuned for this/upcoming week... Beach Week!

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