Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Currituck Beach Lighthouse! H Fam Sightseeing Part 17

One of the things we did on our family beach vacation in OBX was to check out the lighthouse near us! We climbed the Currituck Beach Lighthouse as a family!


Part of our crew! Even my baby nephew went up!
So a few of us were a ball of nerves due to the very small metal easy to see through steps. Jake was very nervous, and I just held his hand and we both did it (I didn't let on my knees were shaking too). He was very proud of himself (as were the rest of us!) that he did it even though he was scared. After we were down he turned to me and said "Mama, thank you for helping me not be as scared the whole time, you helped me do it!". I had to choke back tears!

There were a few windows on the way up, each had a little information like this! Near the top it was closer to 3ft thick.

This is the pier and the "pond" that we started our kayak tour from earlier that day

At the top, and smiling (sort of for Jake!)

It was quite the venture as a family! I had to just focus on Jake the whole time. I couldn't even think about Greg carrying Luke the entire time, let alone the fact that Evan kept saying "I'm not scared!" and I think was skipping down the steps (talk about a lurch in the pit of my stomach, I just had to focus on Jake and let someone else keep an eye on Evan, luckily we were with a lot of family!).

Some Lighthouse Facts:

Number of steps: 214
Height to focal plane of lens: 158 feet
Height to top of roof: 162 feet
Number of bricks: approximately one million
Thickness of wall at base: 5 feet 8 inches
Thickness of wall at parapet: 3 feet
Position: 34 miles south of the Cape Henry Lighthouse (VA)
32 1/2 miles north-northwest of Bodie Island Lighthouse
Coast Survey Chart: 36° 22’36″ N latitude,
75° 49’51″ W longitude.

It's located near the Currituck Heritage Park that we walked around afterwards. It's the location of The Whalehead Club. The Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education is here as well, but it closes at 5pm, so we checked it out another day (nice little place!).

Story behind this home built in the 1920s... a man built it for his wife and bought up a lot of land around it because the men wouldn't allow her to join their hunt club... so he built her own for her!

" Accept your light and let is shine to create your own lighthouse on a stormy night"
 ~ Pauline Duncan Thrasher


Jeri Slater said...

I'm proud of you for being brave for Jake and yourself by climbing up to the top of the Lighthouse. Such wonderful sites!

Bethany Newsom said...

I love the pictures. I bet my kids would love a trip like that! Thanks for all the good ideas! Love ya, Bethany