Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laundry Closet Organization

When we moved here, I went from having a laundry room to having a laundry closet... in the kitchen. Okay, no real big deal... I mean as long as I can do laundry, I'm good to go right?

There were just a couple problems.

First this house doesn't have a gas hook up. So we just used our front loader washer and left the dryer that was with the house. So I have a mismatched combo, and uneven heights.

Second was that after traveling from TX for 5 days, I had laundry to do. So pretty much the day we moved in, I started laundry. Then we just started putting stuff in here that seemed like a good place to put it. We also moved into a much smaller kitchen with a pantry about 1/15th (I'm NOT joking!) the size of the one in TX. "Put that in the laundry closet for now"... became a popular phrase.

Add a year to that and it turned into this (after getting back from vacation, I couldn't take it anymore!)...

Nothing like a good old fashion shaming! This is my laundry closet (used to have a room! Miss it!) Can't use my gas dryer because no gas connection so you get this uneven space. Those shelves are so rickity (previous owners) and too shallow to reach even when leaning over appliances. So this my friends is our weekend project Greg & I have decided. It really just needs cleaned out & new shelves. I hope I can show a good after pic next week. What a mess! Embarrassing!!

Yah. I know, embarrassing! But in the name of projects & organization, it's only fair to show the "before".

The main plan: To remove the current shelving... it's shallow, hard to reach and a bit uneven (so you always had the feeling like something was going to fall).

Here we are midway. Everything removed from the space. Unfortunately the previous owners just painted over the tracks when they painted the laundry closet. They didn't leave any paint info or touch up behind. We really did NOT want to slow our project down by having to paint, so we just left the white strips. I should probably be ashamed of that being that I have a design background, but to be honest I'm really not. I just wanted the space back together and more functional!

Middle of project... all the crap & shelving is out!! We got the wire shelving this morning... will put up later (if I can keep Greg moving, he is already getting "meh"). Probably wont put stuff back in & organize until tomorrow!

Then up went the wire shelving... we choose 16" deep ones  (it was only $13.99 instead of what's listed online) to be able to reach it easier and to not feel like stuff was going to take a nose dive off! Overall between the 3 shelves, all the clips & anchors, the support bars, and two little extra organizers... it came to about $80.

Even after getting side tracked most of the afternoon with power washing the deck, patio & outdoor furniture... shelves are up!!! Yay! Organizing starts tomorrow! :)
The last part was to put everything back in... well, everything did NOT go back in! There was stuff that really needed to go in the garage, some things I reworked to go into the kitchen, and quite a few things headed to our downstairs storage room (that even though I made a huge head way down there in January, it still needs lots of work!). I did add one thing that wasn't in there before, our light bulb storage. It was annoying always going down to the basement. I used stuff that we already had to collect like items together for easier storage. I tried to keep them in the brown family to help visually tie it together. Another color would of been more fun, but brown was really all I could find that I had 4 or more.

The end result!


I know some like to know what is where....

These 3 baskets separate rags, kitchen towels & washcloths, and then the washcloths to wash Luke up after meals & his bibs

The box on the first shelf in the middle holds light bulbs,
the clear container holds all garbage bags, ziplocs, foil and saran wrap
There's still hanging space on the rod to the right for drying

The third shelf I cannot reach so it holds bleach and urine destroyer (for the cat, usually when we move - she's 13 and lived in 5 different states/8 different homes, so I cut her some slack), a picnic basket, and the far right corner is empty!
The second shelf holds air fresheners and small things in the brown box, dog treats in the canister, behind canister are all the reusable bags (that I really should just put in car so I'll use more), and then a basket of cleaning supplies.

I love these little baskets added onto the shelf. It holds little things like the lint roller, lingerie bag, tide pen, chalk (great for oil/grease based stains!), and the water filler for the iron.

There's still one more thing to add... but I have to find it first. We have a wall mounted iron rack and ironing board holder. We definitely cannot fit the ironing board in here, but we could certainly mount the rack for the iron and from the hook I decided I'd hang my apron instead. I unpacked it when we first moved and didn't think we'd get to use it. However, I did NOT get rid of it. I remember thinking... I bet we can still mount this for the iron... I just don't know where I thought was a good interim place!?

Perhaps not pretty enough to be pinterest-worthy, but it's organized. Everything has it's place and everything is in it's place! Feels good, about time anyway... man I'm having deja-vu... ugh, the trials and tribulations of moving every 3 years!


Jeri Slater said...

Hi T ~ You did a great job with the organization of the washer/dryer area. I love the little baskets for the shelf. Love, Aunt J

Lena said...

Nice job! I really need to organize my laundry area too. I planned it this summer but it just never happened.

the cape on the corner said...

this is so much better. doesn't seem like a bad price on the wire shelving either.