Thursday, September 12, 2013

Evan off to Preschool!

This year my middle cutie is off to 4 year old Preschool! I really don't know if there was ever a more excited child.

So excited! Forgive the fogged up camera, didn't realize it was so hot and muggy out!

Not that Jake cried or was clinging to me or anything, but he was certainly a little nervous. Evan doesn't even say bye, it's more like "see ya!" and he's off running into the classroom!

Last week I went with him to Open House. They had the parents sit at a table while the kids sat at their table and started to play. Then the teachers instructed us to fill out/double check the paperwork while they played with the kids. And they did, they got down on their level, asked them questions... you can tell both these teachers have not only worked together a long time, but really love what they do! One teacher took the kids on a tour and to the playground while the other wrapped stuff up with the parents. When it was time to leave, Evan was angry with ME that it was just Open House and not a school day! Sorry dude, I promise you'll start school on Tuesday!


He was very proud to have daddy take him to school for his first day

I got everyone else ready then realized I was barely ready! Oops!

Greg was able to take him to school on his first day. Then Luke and I picked him up at noon. Side note: this was Luke & mine FIRST time alone together at home. We both kinda looked at each other, like "what now?" I'm sure we'll get into our own new groove here soon! I know I've been a little off my game with blogging. Quite honestly having both needing to be here or there for school, on top of some bus scheduling issues for Jake, has left me a bit chaotic feeling. We'll get balanced soon! Last week & this week were our learning curve.

Happy to report he was all smiles when we picked him up! I asked him what his favorite thing about school was... he said... Everything! I said "oh there wasn't one thing you liked the absolute best?".... his response, "Mama, I already told you EVERYTHING"... he was getting a little annoyed so I let it go ;) He's constantly telling me... "Mama, I really love school AND I really love you!". Doesn't get much better than that!
"A child's world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement. It is our misfortune that for most of us that clear-eyed vision, that true instinct for what is beautiful and awe-inspiring, is dimmed and even lost before we reach adulthood."
~ Rachel Carson

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Jeri Slater said...

THANK YOU for the post! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the boys and reading what you had to say. Sigh, they grow up so fast!