Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In a lull...

Not just a blogging lull, but a lull in general.

The last few weeks have been crazy. I feel like having two kids in school should thrown me for as much of a loop as it has.

We now start out with what I call the Jake to Bus stop - Evan to Preschool Tango. It's a delicate dance. It's all the bus' fault too... she comes anywhere between 8:40-8:55... and I have to get Evan to preschool by 9am. I prefer to actually see Jake get on the bus, most times I do. I do not like that I have to drive the car to the bus stop now, I like to walk but can't since we have to immediately leave to get Evan to school.

All the "back-to-school" events going on, parents only, and my babysitters are not working out. Stresses me out when my schedule is totally dependent on others, hate that trapped feeling. Greg will start his fall work travel soon which leaves me even more in a bind with all that.

I've pretty much been completely crashing every single night into bed can't even hold my eyes open. Then waking up just as exhausted 7-8 hours later! Even on the weekends!

Our cat is old, she's decided not to use the litter box. The dog is in the cone-of-shame because she keeps chewing off her fur. Greg's car just need work done... cost the same amount as the car is worth. I've been stress eating for sure, and the muffin top is back! I saw some thing last week that there was only 15 Saturdays left until Christmas (less now!), um, Yikes!


However... I did start a yoga class on Saturday mornings! Every Saturday 7:30-9am until the end of November. I'm excited about this because our gym's yoga classes are ALL at a time I cannot make. So I signed up for this one through the local park district.

I also applied for my passport last week (a little scary that the government agency has the only copy I have of my birth certificate and marriage license)! YAY! No, I don't have a plane ticket to anywhere... yet. I just thought at least having a passport is one step closer to some sort of travel. Which is hard to do... Greg and I can't travel like we wanted (remember THAT pipe dream?) because we have no one to watch the three musketeers. Then Greg is telling me to go on my own... but he'd still have use vacation days up to be home with boys while I go fulfill some mid-life crisis. BUT, he really wants me to do it... so I've got some things in motion. Hoping they pan out!!

Anyway, haven't done much lately worth blogging about besides the daily grind.

Oh and I know I said I was going to start back up the Flaunt My Friend Fridays series, it just doesn't look like it's going to work out anymore. I'm always up to flaunting if someone comes to me with something to share! Just not going to do it every Friday like I did from February to July! It sure was fun while it lasted though, big thanks again to everyone that participated!

Hopefully I'll soon have some fun blogging in the future... right now all I can think of is... "um, hi. I'm tired,"... ;)


Lindsey said...

Ty, that post certainly doesn't make it sound like you're in a "lull"! You sound busy, busy!!

kimmyk76 said...

Did you just say 15 Saturdays until Christmas??? Omgosh...breath...get a paper bag...breath into paper not pass out..... Hey I am right there with you in the back-to-school smack-down. Just got a call from school asking if I brought K's (late) lunch to the office for after-care, because you know there's early dismissal today. Uhh, right, yes, of course.

Jeri Slater said...

Change is always exhausting until you get in the 'groove' of the new routine(s). Hang in - you WILL survive and hopefully the bus driver will become more dependable...

Liz said...

I am tired too! I totally know how you feel. Hang in there! I can't imagine having three kids to figure out logistics for. That is a HARD job. And I totally understand the pet thing. Our cat likes to poop on the carpet, not in her box and our beagle is in renal failure and pees whenver she feels like it whether she is outside or inside. It's enough to make a girl have a nervous breakdown! And I think your travel should bring you to Houston soon. :-)