Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We have a FIRST Grader!

Yesterday was back to school!

We did attend Open House last Thursday. I was able to get a sitter, so it was just some time for Jake and myself. Jake got to meet his new teacher, find his seat, do a little class scavenger hunt! He was very nervous about it all.

Once we made it out to the playground you could just see the anxiety slip away! Plus there were snowcones!

After that he spent the rest of the weekend being VERY excited! So that was a relief, I was a tad bit worried in seeing how nervous he was.

The night before I rounded up some back-to-school type books to read at bedtime. He informed me that he did not need to read "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn. That he didn't need it anymore and to save it for Evan and Luke. Awwww.... I mean I'm thrilled for him but kinda sad for myself at the same time.

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Then that morning both Greg and I asked if he wanted us to come check on him right when school was starting. To make sure things off the bus and to class went well. He said, no thanks!

First Grade here he comes!

Waiting on the bus

There he goes!

I DID however drive by the school about 20 minutes after it started... I didn't see him wandering around outside or anything ;)

Having some trouble with the buses though. Everything went so incredibly smooth last year... but this year there's a new superintendent and budget cuts. Less buses, more stops = messed up routes. They were 30 mins late for pick up and an HOUR (that's right an HOUR) late for drop off. Lots of parents contacting the transportation department. Supposedly they see their error (printed out the route backwards) but still didn't tell the drivers (you know, the people actually doing the route). What a mess. There were about 20 sets of very worried parents at the bus stop for an hour. But have to give credit to the kids, they all popped off the bus happy and not anxiety ridden or anything. Jake was extremely tired, a bit confused, and very very hungry... but wasn't that upset about it.

Transportation said it was "fixed" but we have yet to see any proof in the pudding! Hoping it gets truly fixed soon!

Jake was so tired and hungry... so we took him out to Pizza Hut to celebrate his first day as a first grader and being such a trooper about the bus fiasco!

I did ask him what was his favorite part of the whole day... his answer... everything! :)
"The object of education is to prepare the young to
 educate themselves throughout their lives. "
~Robert Maynard Hutchins


Bethany Newsom said...

Love this! I can totally relate to this first day of school story. Hope the bus trouble is better. Sounds like he has a good driver if they were happy when they got off (I'm sure the driver wasn't so happy but must of shown the kids he/she was).

Love seeing how your boys are doing.

Jeri Slater said...

I'm so happy that Jake is adjusting so well to being a 1st grader! How exciting for you all.