Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Week Three

Continuing on with 30 Days of Thanks! If you're so inclined you can also check out Week One and Week Two as well.

Posting this set a little early since we're leaving for our "Thanksgiving Midwestern Tour" (to visit many sides of our families) on Friday. Let's see if I can follow my own road trip advice. I want to get Week Four all typed up too. Then I'll only have to hit publish on my phone while traveling.

Day 15: Technology I'm thankful for. This one is pretty easy. Technology can do some amazing things. I'm very thankful for the technology found in the NICU's (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Without all of it we never would of had 7 extra weeks with our angel Grant.

Day 16: Color I'm thankful for. Wait again? I should of read through that list more thoroughly. Blue. Blue skies and blue waters. Both of those together? Well, that's heaven on earth, can't get much better than that for me at least!

Day 17: A tradition I'm thankful for. This one is a little harder. We have various traditions but we don't always do them due to time constraints or where we live (or how faraway we live from family). I'm finding it quite taxing to just pick one AND have it be something that can be represented by a picture? I just don't know... perhaps that in itself is something to be thankful for. So many great traditions that it's too hard to pick!

Day 18: Something in my home I'm thankful for. My bed. Besides far off exotic places, I daydream of my bed the most. It beckons me, I swear! Nothing is more satisfying than taking a lazy afternoon nap or falling into bed after a long day. Some nights I don't sleep well and wake up exhausted, but I'm always comfy & cozy! We were very excited when we moved to Houston and upgraded to a new KING bed! Here's a picture from when I shared our current Master Bedroom.

Day 19: A warm object I'm thankful for. I love all my scarves. I enjoy wearing them as fashion accessories, especially when they also serve a function like keeping me warm. This picture is when I first started getting into them a few years ago.

Day 20: A soft object I'm thankful for. I'm truly drawing a blank on this one. Okay, got one! I'm thankful for this soft cuddly guy... Timbo! He's Jake's buddy since about a year old. I kind of have an attachment to him as well, I gotta say. I even had to perform on-site surgery on him this summer, he handled it like a champ. He even had his own post on the blog once years ago :) The picture, Jake actually took himself when he got one of those kid cameras for Christmas one year.

Day 21: A wooden object I'm thankful for. A most recent project around the house... our frame for our family pictures made by Poppy Tree Frames. It's like artwork that you can swap your family pics in and out of! Check them out they're wonderful and come in every style, size, color and combo you can imagine! Here's a quick IPhone pic from when we were in the process of putting it up last night.

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