Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Balls Bluff Battlefield - H Fam Sightseeing Part 20

Greg's parents came to visit this past weekend. So I was trying to come up with a local (under an hours drive) that they'd enjoy and would be good for the kids. It was going to be a pretty fall day so while a museum would of suited any of us, we wanted to be outside. Last time they visited we went to Bull Run Battlefield.

So we headed up to Leesburg, VA where our first stop was Balls Bluff Battlefield!

Taking the trail to the battlefield & bluff

A relatively good pic for on the fly... just wish we could of gotten Luke closer :)

Their favorite things about visiting battlefields... cannons!

The Smallest National Cemetery

25 graves, all unknown except one

Sticks & Cannons, can't get a better battlefield visit!

It's hard to tell you're on a bluff over the Potomac River, you can barely see it below. But straight out in front of you, you can see Maryland!

Checking something out with Grandpa

Walking back to car

Pretty Fall Day!

This yellow tree was so vibrant

Then we went into Leesburg Historic Downtown hoping to visit some shops and have lunch. Well the youngest had other ideas... his mood went south real quick. We tried Old Town Grill. I wish I had a glowing review... because the place had all the makings of a really great place. The building was from 1790, had brick floors, wood plank walls, they were serving brunch until 2pm (which is always a hit with kids!), and had a very yummy looking lunch menu. Unfortunately it went south as fast as Luke's mood. I kept having to go outside with a tantrum-ing Luke, as to not ruin the other patrons lunch. It took over a half hour to get food. It came in waves (Greg got his burger so early, we told him to eat so it wouldn't be cold, he was done by the time everyone else got their food). The food was lackluster and the pancakes were terrible... who in the world can ruin pancakes!?!

After that it was way past Luke's naptime and waiting in the restaurant forever for anything burned all our extra time. It definitely looked like a place to check out another time when the odds are more in our favor.


Lena said...

Beautiful picture of your family! Sounds like you had a great time.

Amanda Masters said...

Looks like a beautiful autumnal walk, fabulous photos.
Such a shame the meal wasn't too good