Saturday, November 2, 2013

H Fam Halloween 2013

Ah... behind as always per the norm this time of year! School, birthdays, holidays, etc... it creates quite the vortex!

We visited a local pumpkin patch and had a fun time!

Greg & Luke down the big slide

Come on mom, get this horse going!

I love it even if it doesn't look like it!

Not sure I'd want him as my pilot

They had these huge tubes to climb in and roll down the hill. The big boys loved it, and Greg loved pushing them down the hill! Ha!

Gotta have the pumpkin pic!
 Then we painted their little ones. We carved a big one later on, that I got ONE IPhone pic of while sitting on the porch on Halloween night giving out candy!

Halloween day I tried my hand at making a themed lunch for Jake...

A pumpkin shaped apricot & peanut butter sandwich, Halloween shaped pretzels with roasted sunflower seeds, cheese stick, blackberries, carrots, and milk.

Then here are the boys in their "Storybook Character" costumes for school and I even dug out my Halloween shirt and Candy Corn earrings!

Then I did show you about starting their costumes.

A good blogger would show you all my steps. I AM not a good blogger. I basically just randomly worked on them a few minutes here and a few minutes there (with a lot more minutes the day before Halloween, ha ha!). Then it was a complete whirlwind to get out the door, Grandma & Grandpa were also here, and I didn't get barely ANY pictures of them after all that! Here's one not so good one...

Sandman, North, and Jack Frost

Luke totally pulled apart his costume when I put it on him. I tried to fix by stapling, but he ripped those too. However, he DID like being sprayed with glitter and he liked having the yellow paint on his face. You totally couldn't tell who/what he was, but he had great enthusiasm. Was yelling "TREAT" before he could get out of the wagon and up to the house. After each house would say "I got LOTS!".

They sure had a great time though! Hope your Halloween was filled with more treats than tricks! Happy November!

My attempt at being artsy taking a pic of their treat buckets

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Jeri Slater said...

What a fun pumpkin patch! The boys look like they had a good time trick or treating. Thanks for sharing.