Friday, December 13, 2013

Why have I been MIA on the blog?

Well, it's nothing new that from time to time I go MIA. Not sure if these times are just when I feel I've run out of anything to say, or that I'm overwhelmed and it goes to the wayside.

Since August there's been a new development in our life that has created quite the change. Luke (my youngest, 2 1/2 years old) is now getting services from the county's Early Intervention program. I don't really have the energy to rehash everything but will tell you it's been rough.

We're still in the process of diagnosis and the plan to help him. So far we know he has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which is a neurological issue, but the spectrum has a HUGE range. Due to these neurological issues, it causes behavioral issues as well. He's almost a textbook "Explosive Child" and has a learning disability. Other accompanying issues are Low Muscle Tone, Proprioception Dysfunction, and tactile defensiveness. Most of these cannot be outgrown, but they can be managed to help him flourish in spite of all that.  He has a lot of trouble processing information, but is surprisingly not behind on speech, physical, or fine motor skills. He is about a year behind on gross motor skills, and almost 18 months behind on coping/adaptability. He turns 3 in June and will age out of the program, so fingers crossed we can get as much help as we can get right now.

He's very emotional. When he's happy, he's happy. When he's mad, he's really really mad. When he's mad he becomes very aggressive and violent. He spends most of his days like this :( Unfortunately on the worse days it's like living with a terrorist in our home. There are these short snippets of moments that his little sparkling self shines through, his smile is wide, and there's a pleasant giggle of enjoyment.... but not even nearly like it should be for this little guy!

So in short, not to make this about me but the last 6 months have probably been the roughest I've ever experienced. I'm completely utterly exhausted, as this takes constant interaction without any feel good times. I'm plagued with migraines, I hurt all over, and I'm pretty sure it's all pushed me into a deep depression and even starting to cause anxiety issues. It's starting to cause the whole family and household to unravel. BUT a plan is in place, and I'm hoping will all hope that this can only get better.

Just a little update. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate through this! Can't wait to feel like blogging again! Happy Holidays in case I don't get on here again the rest of the year.


Jeri Slater said...

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Much Love

the cape on the corner said...

Ugh that sounds complicated and frustrating for you and him! Hope you find the right balance and all your needs are met. Take care.

Melissa said...

You are such a good mother, Tyson. I really feel for you - we struggle with some of this in our house too. It is such an all-consuming thing. I hope you're able to find some ways to replenish yourself... and I know how hard it can be to put the effort into figuring out what that looks like. Especially when you start out so depressed. Hugs girlie.