Monday, February 10, 2014

You should check this out! Outlander!

(yep, just going to act like I haven't been MIA in forever. I'm just really overwhelmed right now and pretty much haven't been doing anything that's blog worthy.)

I wanted to get on here really quick and share something fun. Looking for a new series to read? Like big books? Stories that really pull you in? Looking for a new summer TV series? I've got you've covered on both!

I've probably said it quite a few times on here that one of my most favorite books series is the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon! She will be releasing the 8th book in the series, Written in My Hearts Own Blood in June.

Then this summer the first book will be a TV series on STARZ. No date released yet but Outlander Fans suspect after the book release, so probably in July!

So here's your chance to get caught up and discover them in time for the summer! If anything, at least read the first book, Outlander! I wouldn't put it into any genre. It gets classified as Historical Romance because yes, a relationship is at the center of the story. It is so much more than that, I promise! There's war, hardships, fascinating medical/herbal use, family ties & drama, love of the land, and a bit of the mystic! This author really makes you FEEL so many emotions when you read her stories. You really become immersed into these books!

I don't know if I've exactly come across this yet! A few are close!

I'm planning a re-read of the series here soon to "prep" for the new book. Was thinking of some how incorporating it on the blog. No idea of how or what exactly yet... but it's definitely idea bouncing around in my head!
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Jeri Slater said...

You've peaked my interest on the Outlander series. I am on the waiting list for ebooks that I can download to my nook from our library. Can't wait to begin the journey.

Lena said...

I hope you are doing OK there...