Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Update on the Little Guy

If anyone is still reading after my months long hiatus... you probably know why. I talked about it in this post a few months ago.

Since then it's just been even more of a process. In January we started getting him evaluated with hopes of being accepted into the local school district's special education program. There were times I wondered to myself if they made the process to insane, just to see who actually sticks it out all the way through.

Then every single day that we had a meeting or an evaluation... it would end up being a snow day. So of course if the school district is closed... we had to reschedule those appointments to what would usually end being as luck would have it... another snow day.

Anyway, after all that... Luke WAS found eligible for the special education program! Yay!

Then began the process of finding out where he'd go and getting his Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place. More evaluations, appointments, phone calls, etc...

As of Tuesday he was officially a student at a local special education preschool. He can't technically start until we get in his health form (which this process about caused me to lose my mind at the doctors office today). Once his health form is in then they can get him processed for bus transportation. So he could start the end of next week or the following.

He'll go for three hours, five days a week. The bus will pick him up at our home, and drop him off at our home. He'll be in an eight child classroom with other various developmental delays. We went and saw his classroom the other day and he was very excited. He did start doing his normal fit throwing after about 10 minutes, so we left to keep the experience positive. But he is very angry every morning that he's not at school yet... so I guess that's good!

This seems like such a short post to explain my hiatus on the blog. It's just been the most overwhelmed I've ever been. I'm so thankful he's going to be getting the help he needs to be the great little guy he has the potential to be! In the meantime, I'm going to have all three boys each going to a different school until summer starts!

Thanks for reading! I hope to start being able to blog more now that my brain can dump all that stress of the last year or so. Sorry, I've not been myself at all. Please stick around, I see smoother seas ahead!


Rhiannon said...

Thank you for sharing your update. You have no need to apologize, however. Life throws everyone curve balls and everyone deals with them differently. You chose to take time to decompress and deal with family issues. I am so glad Luke is finally getting the help he needs. Positive thoughts for a positive transition, for all of you.

Lena said...

This is wonderful! I'm excited for you and especially for Luke!