Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We have a Basketball Player!

One thing we've been busy with over the winter was Jake participating in Basketball for the first time!

It was a little daunting for us all at first. I thought when I signed him up for the local Boys & Girls club, that would be where practice and games would me. NOPE. Practice ended up being on a Friday night 6:15-7:30pm.... 45 mins away from where we lived (due to Friday rush hour traffic in NOVA). Then every Saturday the games were during Luke's naptime. So we took turns going to games, but mostly Greg took him to practice. Evan ended up tagging along too, so it ended up being a fun time.

From everything I found this was the beginning option for "Developmental" Basketball. However, once he was on the team most of them were on last years team. I was confused... poor Jake was really confused. He was expected to know how to do everything the other kids already knew how to do. I held my breath and we just went with it. You know what? It worked out! He picked it up, and really learned a lot!! We're so proud of him!

The Team! Go Eagles! Jake in middle of back row

Lining up!

He worked sooo hard on his dribbling the last few months!

The refs were wonderful and you could tell they enjoyed teaching the game to the kids

Loving that smile!

Only twice could the whole family go to his games, but it was fun!

The Coach said to be sure to sign him up and asked to be on the same team again for next year! Sounds good to me!

And on that note... yay for March Madness coming up! It's my Midwestern roots, I can't help it... love me some B-Ball!


the cape on the corner said...

awww! hope he continues to enjoy it.

Lena said...

Good job, Jake!! My boy isn't much into basketball but we are thinking of trying baseball next year and this winter has been taking a karate class that he really enjoys.

Jeri Slater said...

I love that smile too!