Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Knights & Dragons Week! H Fam Summer Camp Week 4

Our Fourth week brings us to Knights, Castles, and Dragons!

This week I honestly didn't do as much as normal. Once again the dog had to go back to the vet. Only for post surgery check up, hopefully we're done for the year now! Then we tried to get in pool time on days that were warm enough. A couple other days I decided to unpack the last two boxes of garage stuff (yes we moved two years ago) and the boys just played outside for hours. I also could of sworn I took more pictures than I apparently did!?

Our medieval table décor... I got more of a positive response to this one than last week's much anticipated space table décor. It was fun throwing it together! It's a mix of fall & Christmas décor with a scarf of mine on the chandelier, haha! Our first morning we had some porridge (oatmeal) to try to be a little authentic, even if it was a stretch!

We did do our normal trip to the library to get lots of books on medieval life, knights, castles, and some fun fiction books with dragons as their main character.

Many of the books showed pictures of the churches that were built during this time and the beautiful stain glass windows. So we did a little "stained glass" activity of our own. This one was harder for them because you don't paint it, you actually just use your brush to drop the paint instead. I'd bought this kit a long time ago when I found it on sale at some craft store for like $2 or something.

Then once I unpacked the last two garage boxes, I was able to cut the boxes up to make shield and armor. We never did get around to the armor though!

The shields turned out so neat. Cut out the shield shape with a box cutter, put on a bit of glue, then covered with foil. Wrapped the edges of foil to the back and duct taped down. I just ducted taped some wide wired ribbon to the back for arm straps/handles.



For the weekend we went to Medieval Times located near Baltimore, MD which is about an hour or so away. When we first got there, I'll admit, I thought maybe we made a mistake. It was a zoo! Once seated it was so much fun. Jake declared it the best dinner ever!

The different colored sections

We were for the yellow knight! (yellow was our section)

Show started with a legend about a knight & his horse

A nice grainy selfie of us in the dark

The rest of our house

Our Knight of Yellow

A Falconer

If you've never been to a Medieval Times, I recommend going once. How often do you get to eat a meal with your hands (tomato soup, bread, half a chicken, potato, a spare rib and an apple strudel for dessert!). It was fun to cheer for our knight, and watch the tournament events! There was also a bad knight that came to fight the champion knight... he looked a lot like Jon Snow (HBO's Game of Thrones anyone? We love it! I'm currently on the third book). They had the whole thing very well orchestrated and put on a good show! It certainly brought to life all the stuff we'd been learning during the week.

Also, throughout the week each morning there was a rolled up scroll of paper outlining the quests, deeds (like escourt the queen on her journeys, take the canine to see the castle healer), etc... that they need to complete to gain knighthood. I completely forgot come Friday... oops!

"Fairy tales are more than true:
not because they tell us that dragons exist,
but because they tell use that dragons can be beaten"
 ~ G.K. Chesterton

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