Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pirates! H Fam Summer Camp Week 2

Once we were home from our family vacation to the Outer Banks, it was evident they needed something to keep their attention. They were borderline going nuts! Or maybe that was just me?

I saw that our county was having their first "Pirate Fest" the following weekend. My mom had recently sent a huge box of goodies with various handmade pirate costumes for each boy. Plus we had tons of stuff leftover from when they were Jake & Cubby from the Disney Neverland Pirates and their combined birthday party from a few years ago.

So Pirate Week it became!

I decorated the dining room table with our theme like I did last year! A sail at the end of the table, twine from the chandelier, a centerpiece with a plastic skulls tray with candles, moss, shells, and twine bag. Eye patches at their seats.

Yah the sail looks more like a tent. They were thrilled, so whatever ;)
Pajama Pirates! Well two, the other had a crocodile shirt on :)
First stop was to go to the library on Monday like we usually do. Trying to teach the oldest how to use the call numbers to find the books. For Evan he just had to find the aisle that the number would be in. Luke just needed to stay with us and not have a fit. Everyone had their job!

I will admit that doing this right after we got back from vacation, some things were quite a stretch. I did create a spelling list of sorts for Jake. I had him type them up on the computer and printed out two. One for Jake to work on learning the spellings of 10 different pirate related words (gold, treasure, cannons, etc...) and one for Evan to learn by sight and work on sounding them out to read.

We also read about the Jolly Roger... the flag the pirates put up when they were going into battle and they'd show no mercy! Looked at all the various flags used by pirates and each boy came up with their own to put on the back of their chair the rest of the week. I luckily had exactly three pieces of black construction paper left (whew!). The oldest wanted to use white crayon, and the younger two used white paint! They were very proud of their flags!

Luke's looks like a mug shot, lol

One morning for fun and since they love "Eggs-in-a-Frame" for breakfast, I put a spin on them calling them the North Star. Making these are pretty labor intensive, so I don't often make them, so it was a treat for them!

I had some plans to check out a pirate themed playground near DC and to take them to a pirate themed waterpark that's about 45 minutes south of us.  However, during this week we had the dog in for her teeth cleaning. I had to stay home in case they called and had issues. She ended up needing 6 teeth pulled, the poor doggy! I wanted to stay close to home the next day too, to make sure she was recovering okay. Which she totally did. That took up a lot of time this week. Not to mention that put a huge dent in the wallet, yikes! We did make some coconut macaroons as well, they were on sale at the grocery store. They were yummy when fresh out of the oven, but once cooled talk about some dense cookies.

The crowning glory of the week was going to the Pirate Fest on Saturday! I couldn't do the full awesome outfits that my mom made because it was going to be a very hot day. So I pieced outfits together from their clothes (white tees and seersucker shorts), the past Halloween costumes (I even did some extra "fringing"), and the stuff my mom made. First thing Luke did was rip part of his vest from the shirt... but hey pirates are a disheveled sort, so it worked ;)

We got compliments on their outfits!
We got there at 10am when it started and it was already really hot and lots of lines. We did get to see lots of stuff that would of been used on the ship for cleaning, cooking, eating, maintenance, fighting, etc... during the time of pirates. Some volunteers had great costumes. They got temporary tattoos and did a bunch of bounce house/obstacle course type stuff. They were given a "bag of gold" with our admission to "pay" for their activities.

As the day went on, various parts of the costumes were shed and my pirates were getting hot and surly with no ocean in sight! Argh! So we treated them to expensive lemonades and we all split a funnel cake in a sliver of shade we found at the edge of the field. You can't go to a festival and not have some carnie food!

We had a change of clothes in the car and found an air conditioned place to eat lunch before we headed home. Evan even told me "When you first said we were going to Pirate Fest, I thought it'd be boring. But it wasn't! I had fun!". Thanks kid. So I guess it wasn't too bad afterall for a bunch of unruly pirates!

For comparison sake... look at Jake (4) and Evan (2) in the costumes in 2011. You can see part of Evan's cubby costume reused for Luke. Jake's shirt was reused on Evan. Guess time does flies... looooong days and weeks but quick years!

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Jeri Slater said...

Thanks for the post T. I enjoyed the narrative of the activities and the photos were great! I love your summer camp weeks. Yes, the years do fly by quickly...