Monday, August 4, 2014

Space Week! H Family Summer Camp Week 3

This week was highly anticipated. Evan requested Space Week way back in the winter when he started to become fascinated about all things space!

I've always tried to do a fun little table set-up to go with each theme on our dining room table. The night before Space Week started, BOTH big boys told me that they were so excited to see the table in the morning. Ummmm, they've never said a word about it before. Talk about pressure!

I don't ever plan it out, I just wing it the night before. I hit a complete brick wall once they expressed such anticipation. Finally I was able to throw a black tablecloth, cut out a white circle for the moon, some stars leftover from 4th of July bike decorations. Along with some random circles punches that were left in the hole puncher (lol!) then topped off with some glitter! The end of the table I just used the books we got from the library for decorations and on the china cabinet I put up two posters that were in the back of one of Evan's space books. I topped it off with printing out and hanging a space shuttle and astronaut from the chandelier. Oh and I just snagged some stuff from the garage that looked silver or techie, and a strand of Christmas lights!

Unfortunately they were pretty let down. I don't know what in the heck they were expecting... but oh well, guess I'm just helping to teach them disappointment. ha. Greg was also gone this week, so I knew it was going to be a long week and needed to keep them on their toes!

We had lots of fun looking through all the space books we checked out at the library. I learned a lot myself! Space truly is fascinating! Here are some other things we did throughout the week:

Watched the Delta IV launch live online. That was NOT planned, it was just lucky hit!

Went to the Rock Creek Park Planetarium in D.C. It was quite a drive to get there as always, but still worth it. It's a free show that shows for little kids every Wednesday at 4pm. I've read reviews that call it cheesey... but umm, it's for kids... they loved it! We saw the sun set & the moon rise, went to our moon and then blasted off to Jupiter's moon of Europa! Cool stuff! When the park ranger asked how many moons Jupiter had... Evan enthusiastically yelled out 67 and also knew the Milky Way Galaxy when he asked the group! I'm telling you, he LOVES space!

Then since that was prime rush hour traffic, I packed a craft to do and a picnic dinner.

The Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits Earth
Worked out pretty well until I realized the nature center closed at 5pm and it was 6pm and we needed a bathroom. So I checked out the map of the park and there was a restroom that I could stop at and be heading the direction we needed to go! Crisis averted!

We made some moon-dough (just baby oil & flour) and experimented with various sized rocks (like meteors) hitting "the moon".

Pack it sort of flat first

Please excuse the hay, it was our lame attempt at cheaply growing some more grass

Collect rocks to be the meteors!

Watch out!

The surface of our Moon

Usually, I challenge myself to do these themes and not spend any money. This time I did spend $15 on some astronaut food (the mint chocolate chip ice cream was the best!) and $15 on a model solar system. The planetarium was free though! We spent a good part of one day working on our solar system mobile. Then hung that from our chandelier as well... neighbors probably think we're the goofiest family when they walk by the dining room window!

Space Food!

Jake painted the Inner Planets

Evan did the gas giants and the sun

Luke did some watercolor painting

Also learning a little bit about the moon phases (shut in the bathroom with lights off with a flashlight and some balls, they thought I'd lost it!) and did a fun treat by using Oreos!

One day we had a head injury that basically threw that day for a loop. Evan fell in the garage and hit his head on his bike. It was the biggest goose egg I've ever seen! I won't share that picture, it was insane looking! The ice started to help the swelling and all seemed pretty well. I wasn't going to bother with going to the doctor. Then I checked his eyes and the one under the goose egg was dilating much slower. So of course I call the office and they say I have to bring him in... he was totally and completely fine by the time we got there and waited to be seen. Sheesh. That morning was filled with a few Magic School Bus space episodes off Netflix! I really like that show & books!

The week went so well they were able to use their new found knowledge to push each others buttons. As in Jake telling Evan that Jupiter isn't a gas giant and it's made out of rock. That right there reduced Evan to tears... "No it's not! It's a gas giant, made mostly of gas!"... oh boy.

But you read it here first... Evan says he's going to be the first person to go to Mars! I adore his dreams and believe if he decides to do it... it probably is going to happen!

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"
~ Neil Armstrong July 20, 1969

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Tell Evan that I'd like to join him on Mars once he gets it settled. :)