Friday, August 1, 2014

USA Week! H Fam Summer Camp Week 1

I'm still doing the theme weeks like I did last year for the H Family Summer Camp! Gotta keep these boys from being a pack of wild dogs (or at least not all the time!). I just need a moment to actually be at the computer, upload pics, and create a blog post!

Our summer is a bit different this year. Jake didn't get out of school until June 25th! Then we had our family vacation to Outer Banks earlier than last year.

So it lined up for our first week to be the week of the Fourth of July. USA Week it was! I asked the boys what about our country they'd like to learn. They eagerly said the military! We kicked it off by visiting The National Museum of the Marine Corps.

I honestly don't have much to show for this week. During this time we were taking our animals to the vet for check ups and that really ate up the week. The cat is almost 14, and our dog is 9... so this time they both had a lot of issues to resolve. I was also taking them to the the pool every single day to get them back to being the fish that they were last summer. Sooo.... I don't have a lot to show. They did wear various military shirts, cameo shorts and hats when they could!

Of course we got a haul of various books from the library some fiction, some nonfiction.

These are two of our books we checked out that I forgot to return.
 Highly recommend the  "Henry and the Cannons" one, really neat story!

We ended it with a fun day on the Fourth of July. Started with a neighborhood bike parade to the pool bbq party, that we did spend time making decorations for & putting on their bikes and wagon. Our first time doing this was last year!

They made the decorations on the front of handlebars,
and the rest is recycled from what I saved from last year ;)

Thought it'd be fun to throw in last year's picture for comparison.
Bigger kids, bigger bikes, etc!

We're off! Love their capes flapping as they ride.

Sporting his USMC temporary tat from our museum visit!

Then had our own fireworks show! I also busted out glow necklaces. They stayed up late to watch fireworks on TV while they ate popcorn. We all were beat that night and ready for bed!!

Doing the Snappers


Army Guy one was cool!

Our last USA Week activity was delayed a bit. I wanted them to write a soldier that's deployed and thank them for their service. A friend was kind enough to pass on the address of her cousin deployed in Afghanistan.

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