Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to School!

Okay... so it's been almost two weeks since they started. However, here's some pictures we took on the first day that I wanted to share.

Jake is in the 2nd grade and Evan is starting Kindergarten! They were both extremely excited to be going to school. So far they've been all smiles as they get on the bus and as they get off in the afternoons!

Evan acted like he's been going to school forever!

Luke also started back two days after them... it was such a rush because his bus picks him up at the same time the big boys are to be at their bus stop. We still weren't in a good swing of things yet coming off the summer... and I only got a pic with my phone! I have good news and bad news for Luke and school. He no longer qualifies for special education preschool. Which is great that he's meeting all his academic goals. But school is really good for him. I can't take him to a private preschool... due to his neurological issues he can't feel a lot in his body. We don't really know when he'll potty train, if he can't feel anything. So no private preschool with accept him. I can't find a daytime sitter that'll watch a 3 year old with his kind of issues. After mid October it'll be back to him being home with me and I will be unable to help out at the big boys school.

Yes, I noticed his shoes are on the wrong feet when I was putting him on bus and the aide said she'd fix them for me :)