I'm Tys, blogging my way through life! Wife to my best friend Greg and stay at home mama to three wonderfully crazy and cute boys! The curious, shy, imaginative kindergartner is six years old. The passionate no holds barred bull is now four. The smiling spitfire that came to us through the miracle of a surprise adoption will be two this summer. There's also Suki, the Shiba Inu dog and Calamity, the crotchy old orange striped low rider kitty. I lose my mind some days (breaks are good!), so if you happen to see it, please send it back my way!

I like to dabble and blog (and ramble!) about a little bit of everything and anything!

In my "former life" I was an Interior Designer, tons easier spending someone else's money, ha ha. I was so busy just living every day life I began to miss having a creative outlet. We've made a couple of cross country moves in the last four years, from Chicago to Houston and now to Washington, DC. My mission is to always make our current house a home. A couple new things are usually purchased (after much research, sales searching and coupon using), but it's also a lot of repurposing things... like spray painting! ;) Let me clarify too, I was a designer NOT a decorator. I was more into space planning, budget and the actual doing the actual blueprints than deciding anything about curtains, vases, and furniture! So this is sort of a new venture for me as well! I'm also a lover of books and devour them readily, they're such a wonderful thing!

I'd like to consider myself an very (very!) amatuer domestic diva... I'm still learning everyday. All things I yearn to be better at... parenting, cooking, baking, meal planning, couponing, laundry, cleaning, entertaining and another current mission of mine is to learn to sew! Oh and I'm definitely NOT a writer so there will probably be typos AND I don't take very good pictures, but I try! Looks like this spring/summer I'll be dabbling into landscaping as we turn our yard of dirt into something family friendly.

Most of what I do is geared to my three hearts beating out of my chest. These 3 wondeful guys also have a daily contest of who can drive mama into the nuthouse first though! We try to incorporate some learning times here at home with crafts, letter/number of the week, and some other little things here and there. We're also busy with activities, playdates, and checking out the world around us.

There's also a fourth that beats from heaven. In June 2011 we surprise adopted (we literally didn't know until a month before!) twin boys. We were there for their birth cross country what a miraculous time that was so full of love. Grant Andrew (Luke's twin) was born with a myrid of health and medical problems. I've never known such fear, stress, out of control feelings and sadness as he battled to survive. We kept thinking that the next week he'd come home from the hospital. This went on for 8 weeks. At 8 weeks old after 5 major surgeries, Grant found his forever peace while being held in our arms at the hospital. It's been more rough at time than I like to share and sometimes it'll sneak into my posts. I'm still searching out meaning for everything that happened. I try daily not to let it bring me down, but there are times it gets the best of me. I'm only human, and am certainly not perfect.

As a family we like to split our time between just hanging by ourselves in our own little world or getting out and about. Just depends. We love to be outdoors but haven't taken the plunge yet to camping or hiking. For now we settle for lots of outdoor time via the backyard, walks, parks, beaches and such. Hope to upgrade to being more outdoorsy as the kids get older. Since we're Midwesterners transplanted to Texas and now the East Coast, we do lots of road trips to go back to see relatives. Lots, for days and days and miles and miles!

I can't call this quite a personal blog, not quite a family blog, not quite just design and crafts... just me (us!)... a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a random musing here and there! Live. Laugh. Love! Please visit often and let me share our days with you!

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