Friday Friend Flaunts

First we had Elizabeth who shared about her way of tackling all the kids artwork and how she displays it at home and also archiving hard copies AND digital

Second was Ellie who showed us the fantastic dresser that her and her husband came up with for her little ones nursery.

Third was Shelley that gave us and inside peek at being a food blogger!

Fourth was Missy, and she schooled us in essential oils!

Fifth was Tara who gave us a peek into her home school world

Sixth was Kerstin who shared an original poem

Seventh was April who gave us some food for thought about being a photographer

new blog pic

Eighth was Kim, who shared with us her little girl nursery and who gave birth to her that day!

Ninth was Leslie, that shared with us information and awareness of gifted children.

Tenth was Kris, taught us a little about Roller Derby!

Eleventh was Susan, shared with us about being a wedding planner and her favorite wedding (beautiful!)

Twelfth was Megan, who so graciously shared some of her favorite things about the house they built themselves

Thirteenth was Megan H, my sister in law, who shared some neat things to do with your nails!

Fourteenth was Allie, that shared with us a great tutorial on a DIY bulletin board

Fifteenth Lara discussed her green thumb

Sixteenth Heather showed of her Happy Cakes

Seventeenth Janet gave us some yummy things to do with strawberries!

I hope you checked them each out. Something to learn from each. I'm blessed to have so many interesting people to flaunt to you. Stay tuned for future posts!

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